How Dave and Busters Uses Nitrogen Generators

BeerBlast Perfect pour

Dave and Busters, one America’s most highly recognized restaurant brands with over 60 locations in 29 states, has utilized South-Tek’s BeerBlast nitrogen generators to help eliminate draft beer over foaming waste issues. South-Tek received a letter from Sean Lovaas, the Manager of their Jacksonville, Florida location who noted that their “draft beer costs have been reduced and profits have dramatically improved.” He continued, “the BeerBlast has been absolutely trouble free“.

The company also found South-Tek’s BlastOff – Leak Detection System very helpful. By utilizing this technology, Dave and Busters is able to quickly locate gas leaks in their draft beer systems and remedy situations without large lapses in time and having to make costly service calls.

What’s so great about our BeerBlast nitrogen generators? The all-new BeerBlast® KPH Series – Mixed Gas Dispense System increases profits, eliminates over or under-carbonation, and improves all around taste and draft beer quality. BeerBlast® KPH models utilize state of the art technology that reduces operating costs and yields premium beverage grade Nitrogen gas to preserve the brewer’s intended product quality. These lightweight and compact units are easy to install and provided turn-key with a 60% CO2/ 40% N2 blend for lagers, 25% CO2 / 75% N2 blend for nitro-generated draft beers (i.e. Guinness) and 100% N2 for preserving open wine bottles, pushing wine, and nitro-coffee to the faucet. The BeerBlast® KPH – Mixed Gas Dispense System generates its own Nitrogen on demand by utilizing a patent-pending dual bed PSA design. This technology yields higher flow rates, enhanced Nitrogen purity, and offers efficiency that no other nitrogen generator can deliver. Provided exclusively with the Patented BlastOff™ – Leak Detection System, the BeerBlast® nitrogen generator is designed to detect beer gas leaks before they become catastrophic. This nitrogen generator technology helps reduce service call expenses, gas run-outs, and protects the asset from unnecessary (excessive) operating hours. The BeerBlast® includes an integral blender to produce the perfect blend of CO2 and N2, which in turn improves employee safety by eliminating the need to handle high-pressure cylinders. For applications where a blender is already installed, we can provide the N2-GEN® KPH model, which includes the same dual bed PSA technology without the integral blender.

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