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SouthTek Systems offers advanced technology solutions, including laser metal deposition, process automation, and engineering services, to enhance productivity and efficiency in manufacturing industries.

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Filtration Technology

PSA is a safe and reliable method for generating high purity Nitrogen gas on location for a variety of industries requiring N2 in their applications. PSA Generators use a Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) material inside a vessel that becomes pressurized with air. The O2, CO2, CO, and other molecules from the air are captured in the CMS while the N2 molecules are drawn off into a Nitrogen receiving tank. The O2, CO2, CO, and other molecules are flushed from the CMS by depressuring the sieve bed and the vessel is ready for new air to be introduced.

PSA Generators

Nitrogen Purity does matter

South-Tek Systems certifies purity levels with in-house testing using Oxygen analyzers that have accuracies of ±2 PPM (parts per million). We also offer additional 3rd party verification using precise chromatography machines which corroborate our factory results and the ability of our generators to achieve purities better than 10 PPM O2 for years in the field. To ensure purity we offer the following solutions:

Standard PLC Packages

Optional PLC Packages (many others available)

Membrane Filtration Technology

South-Tek Systems uses membrane technology in select nitrogen applications including laboratory, pneumatic processes, oil & gas, as well as other N2 requirements.

Membrane filtration technology works when compressed air is forced into a vessel containing a hollow tube in the middle surrounded by a polymeric hollow fiber. These hollow fibers selectively permeate oxygen, water vapor, and other impurities out of its side walls, allowing nitrogen to flow through its center and emerge as product.

Membrane Generators

Flow Verification Program

South-Tek’s Flow Verification Program is designed to help customers determine the exact Nitrogen flow rate a process requires. Our program allows you to accurately measure your flow rate requirements before you commit to a particular generator, thereby ensuring the optimum system is designed to meet your applications specific needs.

Our Flow Verification process is easy and non-intrusive. It fits simply to your Nitrogen gas line and it’s easy to monitor the flow rate display and record the maximum Nitrogen gas flow rate used in your application.

Want to learn more about the workings of our range of nitrogen generators? Then please take a look at our blog examining the many benefits of these machines!  

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Food & Beverage

Fire Protection

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