Drafting Success: The European Debut of BeerBlast at Braubeviale

In the competitive hospitality market of Europe, South Tek Systems Europe has demonstrated its innovative edge with the BeerBlast® nitrogen generator systems, significantly impacting operational efficiency and product quality for prominent restaurant brands. One such example is the American brand Dave and Busters, which has over 60 locations across 29 states and has experienced a remarkable reduction in draft beer costs while simultaneously boosting profits after implementing SouthTek’s technology. With Braubeviale 2023 drawing near we would like to show you what makes BeerBlast® so unique.  

The BeerBlast® system has been instrumental in addressing the common issue of draft beer over-foaming, affecting the bottom line and the customer experience. With its advanced technology, the BeerBlast® KPH Series – Mixed Gas Dispense System has been designed to ensure the ideal carbonation levels, enhancing the taste and quality of draft beer. The system is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, reducing the need for high-pressure cylinders, which pose a safety risk to employees.

The BeerBlast® features a technical innovation: the BlastOff – Leak Detection System. This technology enables rapid identification and resolution of gas leaks within draft systems, preventing expensive service calls and downtime. The lightweight, compact design of the BeerBlast® KPH models ensures easy installation and operation, providing a turn-key solution with a range of gas blends suitable for various beverages – from lagers to nitro-coffees.

The dual bed PSA design within the BeerBlast® KPH system ensures high flow rates and superior nitrogen purity, setting a new standard in nitrogen generation technology. This unique system is accompanied by the patented BlastOff™ – Leak Detection System, proactively safeguarding against potential leakages that could lead to significant losses.

As South Tek Systems Europe continues to expand its footprint, it is with great anticipation that we anticipate our presence at the Braubeviale in Germany, from November 28 to 30, in Hall 6 Booth 643. This event will showcase the technological advancements and benefits of the BeerBlast nitrogen generator systems to the European market.

With a focus on enhancing beverage quality and operational efficiency, South Tek Systems Europe is poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions that cater to the European hospitality industry’s sophisticated tastes and stringent quality standards.
The major drivers by leading companies (like Dave & Busters) are choosing to work with the BeerBlast® system:

  1. Enhanced Beverage Quality:

    • The BeerBlast® KPH Series ensures optimal gas blend for each type of beer, preserving the intended taste and quality.
    • Nitrogen purity from the dual bed PSA design maintains the brewer’s original product integrity.
  2. Operational Efficiency:
    • The system’s on-demand nitrogen generation minimizes waste due to over foaming, directly impacting cost savings.
    • Integrated BlastOff™ – Leak Detection System reduces the frequency and cost of service calls and downtime.
  3. Cost Reduction:
    • Reduction in draft beer waste directly translates into improved profit margins.
    • The technology eliminates the need for high-pressure cylinder rentals, handling, and storage costs.
  4. Safety Improvements:
    • By producing nitrogen on-site, the risks associated with handling high-pressure gas cylinders are significantly reduced.
    • The integrated leak detection system ensures a safer work environment by proactively detecting and alerting to gas leaks.
  5. Sustainability:
    • On-site nitrogen generation is a more sustainable solution, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the transport and production of bottled nitrogen gases.
    • The system’s efficiency reduces the energy consumption typically associated with gas production and delivery.
  6. Scalability and Flexibility:
    • The BeerBlast® systems are designed to scale with the business, suitable for operations ranging from small pubs to large restaurant chains.
    • With adjustable gas blends, the system is versatile for various beverages, accommodating a wide range of products and preferences.
  7. European Market Adaptability:
    • Given the diverse beer culture in Europe, the BeerBlast® system’s ability to fine-tune nitrogen and CO2 blends is particularly beneficial for specialty and craft beers that require specific carbonation levels.
  8. Technical Support and Service:
    1. South Tek Systems Europe provides comprehensive technical support and service, ensuring that businesses can maximize the benefits of their investment.
To learn more about the Braubeviale 2023 event please take a look at their official website here. Want to read up more on BeerBlast®? You can find a more detailed product description on this page.

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