An overview on the many advantages of N2 (Nitrogen)

Purchasing an N2 generator for your business can be a major shift in how your company goes about its day-to-day business activities. In this article, we will walk you through the advantages of adding an N2 generator to your setup.

Availability of N2 Gas

When you do not have an N2 generator locally installed in your facility, the only way of obtaining nitrogen gas with a high enough purity is by purchasing the gas through a specialized delivery service. This creates a great dependency on the provider and their delivery service of choice. When you have an N2 generator installed, you can precisely determine when, how much, and of what purity the N2 is ready.

N2 Purity

N2 generators also provide you with an increased amount of freedom when determining the exact purity for your use case.

Industrial N2 Generator
Industrial N2 Generator

When ordering nitrogen online, you have to make a selection on the most often used purity levels or order by a made-to-order provider, which often has higher waiting times and costs associated with them.          An N2 generator allows you to specifically dial in the desired level of purity to perfectly accompany your use case. It will also make playing around with the nitrogen purity levels less expensive and risky. You can try small locally generated dosages of higher/lower purity to see if they would be a better fit.

Industries That Can Benefit The most

Some of the most common applications for N2 gas are for the beverage, fire protection, and industrial sectors.  In the industrial sector, our mission-critical nitrogen generators are most commonly used for laser cutting and heat treating metals. Our machines are designed to meet the needs of high-production fabricators with long run hours, making them the perfect industrial solution. When it comes to beverages the Beer Blast is a shining example of giving small to medium-sized breweries the opportunity to fully customize their product. It guarantees their customers the perfect pour they expect from them. In fire protection, nitrogen plays a vital role in maintaining and preventing corrosion to the sprinkler system. The nitrogen extends the life of the sprinkler’s pipe system and ensures that it remains fully functional for years to come. 

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