The Beverage Industry in 2024: Trends to look for at Braubeviale

The global beverage sector, which includes beers, wines, cold brews, and more, is evolving significantly. As 2024 is on the horizon, several notable trends and shifts are becoming more prominent and are shaping the industry. At Braubeviale, (November 28-30 in Nürnberg, Germany), there are 5 trends to be on the lookout for that are shaping the industry:

  1. Hyper-local Sourcing and sustainability: Supporting local communities has become the cornerstone of the restaurant and bar industry. There’s a marked shift towards sourcing ingredients from nearby farms, artisanal producers, and rooftop gardens. This reduces the carbon footprint and promotes fresh, seasonal flavors. Establishments invest in on-site gardens or forging collaborations with local farmers to craft exclusive, region-specific menu items.
  • Technological Advancements in Beverages: As the beverage industry integrates more technology, expect tasty, sustainable, and innovative drinks. From precision fermentation techniques that enable the production of non-alcoholic wines and beers with the same complexity as their alcoholic counterparts to AI-driven flavor profile predictions that help craft the next popular soft drink or cocktail mix, technology is set to redefine what we drink and how we drink it.
  • Upcycled – Zero Waste: With sustainability gaining momentum daily, there’s a push towards using upcycled ingredients. By ingeniously incorporating byproducts or traditionally overlooked parts of fruits, vegetables, and grains into dishes, establishments champion zero-waste. Furthermore, with growing concerns about single-use plastics and excessive waste, there’s a shift towards sustainable packaging and compostable materials, thereby reducing the environmental impact.
  • Sustainability in Brewing and Distilling: Breweries and distilleries are setting the bar high regarding sustainability. There’s a visible trend towards eco-friendly production processes, packaging, and sourcing. Organic beers, biodynamic wines, and spirits crafted from local, organic ingredients will be in high demand, reflecting the industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • CBD-infused Beverages: Riding on the wave of wellness and health, CBD-infused beverages are carving a niche for themselves. Designed for health benefits like stress relief and relaxation, these beverages are making their way into cocktails, mocktails, and even coffee drinks, offering consumers a unique and calming experience.

South Tek Systems: Pioneering On-Site Nitrogen Generation at Braubeviale

South Tek Systems stands out in these industry dynamics with its innovative solutions tailored for the beverage industry. On-site nitrogen generation is one of the most effective answers to the sustainability question, and we are ready to showcase this at Braubeviale:

  • Brewing Applications: Whether it’s beer, coffee, or wineries, nitrogen plays a pivotal role. The BrewBlast system, designed by South Tek, ensures:
  • Flavor Preservation: Nitrogen in brewing maintains the beverage’s taste as intended by the brewer, reducing acidity and striking the perfect balance.
  • Perfect Pour: For Beer Brewers, the system guarantees a frothy head, always ensuring a consistent and impeccable pour.
  • Bottling Process: Nitrogen is integral to the bottling process. South Tek’s N2GEN generators are adept at filtering out oxygen, ensuring beverage freshness by inhibiting oxidation. Crucial processes like vessel blanketing, bottle flushing, and sparging rely heavily on nitrogen.

Distinct Advantages of On-Site Nitrogen Generation:

  • Economic Efficiency: Generating nitrogen on-site eliminates the need for middlemen, scheduled deliveries, and rental tank fees. The result? Significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Safety: Equipped with the patented BlastOff™ – Gas Leak Detection System, our systems ensure a safe brewing environment.
  • Customization: Tailored to meet your specific requirements, South-Tek Systems’ nitrogen generators guarantee optimal performance.
  • CO2 Reduction: On-site nitrogen generation significantly reduces the carbon footprint, contributing to eco-friendly brewing processes and aligning with global sustainability goals.

ROI Calculator: For a detailed insight into on-site nitrogen generation’s cost savings and benefits, prospective users can utilize the new ROI calculator available on Check it out!

Meet with us at Braubeviale!

Building on the growing market share in the European market, South Tek Systems has recently opened its European office in the Netherlands, emphasizing its commitment to serving the region.

 Also, our presence at the BrauBeviale, the most prominent trade fair for the beverage industry, underscores our readiness to talk to you about on-site nitrogen generation.

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