N2GEN: Mission-Critical Nitrogen™: Nitrogen for Laser Cutting

South-Tek Systems engineers the mission-critical nitrogen™ generator Laser Series to meet the various gas consumption needs of typical laser applications for all materials and thicknesses.. Our dual-bed PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) filtration technology is the gold standard of nitrogen generation. It ensures a reliable source of clean, dry, particulate-free nitrogen supply on demand.Experts know that nitrogen is one of the most precise methods for laser cutting in industrial use todayDuring the laser cutting process the use of a nitrogen based laser cutting solution will prevent the cut metal from oxidizing by preventing oxygen from getting into contact with the material during the process.

Our mission-critical nitrogen™ generation solutions cater to the laser-cutting industry’s specific needs. Whether your nitrogen needs are for high production fabrication or you need flexible storage for cutting varying material types and thickness – South-Tek offers a standard product line engineered to meet your specific needs.

Take a look trough our assortment here and find the perfect fit for your organisation. Want a closer look at the N2GEN? Take a look on our YouTube channel to find out more.

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