Nitrogen Use in Transmission Lines

Transmission lines are vulnerable to corrosion if they are exposed to oxygen and moisture – the two main components that cause a corrosive reaction. Not only can corrosion become a problem in transmission lines, but dangerous voltage arcs and copper oxidation can also become issues if protective measures are not taken. That’s why South-Tek Systems offers the N2-GEN TL Series – Arc Suppression System.

This system allows users to positively pressurize the transmission line with supervisory nitrogen gas that is generated on the spot. All nitrogen generation systems from South-Tek use a revolutionary technology that actually draws N2 molecules from the surrounding air, which means you can have access to high-purity nitrogen on demand, without having to rely on expensive gas contracts or handle cumbersome high-pressure cylinders.

How the N2-GEN TL Series – Arc Suppression System works:

In addition to creating its own supply of nitrogen gas to be used on demand, the Arc Suppression System lowers the dew point within the transmission line below the temperature of the line itself. This safely and effectively displaces the oxygen and moisture that may be present in the line. This greatly reduces the chance of a voltage arc while also inhibiting corrosion and high temperature oxidation of copper.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Arc Suppression System:

Q: What Nitrogen purity level does the system produce? 

A: The N2-GEN TL Series – Arc Suppression System produces 98%+ pure Nitrogen gas.

Q: What is the dew point produced?

A: South-Tek Systems’ N2-GEN Nitrogen Generators provide a true -40 to -70 Degree F dew point ensuring the dew point within the transmission line is lower than the temperature of the line itself.

Q: What other features does the Arc Suppression System have?

A: Two popular features of the N2-GEN TL Series – Arc Suppression System are the AutoPurge System and the BlastOff – Leak Detection System.

The AutoPurge controls positive pressure within the transmission line and maximizes the life of the overall system. The N2-GEN controls the purge within the nitrogen generation system, cycling positive pressure between 2 – 5 PSI. The AutoPurge System effectively desiccates the line and frees you from having to constantly monitor the pressure within.

The BlastOff – Leak Detection System detects significant leaks before they compromise broadcast operations and the Nitrogen Generation System itself. There is an internal audible alarm and dry contact for wiring into the Building Monitoring System (BMS). The alarm will also sound if the air compressor or N2-GEN is not working properly.

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