Nitrogen Use in Transmission Lines

Transmission lines are vulnerable to corrosion if they are exposed to oxygen and moisture – the two main components that cause a corrosive reaction. Not only can corrosion become a problem in transmission lines, but dangerous voltage arcs and copper oxidation can also become issues if protective measures are not taken. That’s why South-Tek Systems offers the N2-GEN […]

How Dave and Busters Uses Nitrogen Generators

BeerBlast Perfect pour

Dave and Busters, one America’s most highly recognized restaurant brands with over 60 locations in 29 states, has utilized South-Tek’s BeerBlast nitrogen generators to help eliminate draft beer over foaming waste issues. South-Tek received a letter from Sean Lovaas, the Manager of their Jacksonville, Florida location who noted that their “draft beer costs have been reduced and […]

N2GEN: Mission-Critical Nitrogen™: Nitrogen for Laser Cutting

South-Tek Systems engineers the mission-critical nitrogen™ generator Laser Series to meet the various gas consumption needs of typical laser applications for all materials and thicknesses.. Our dual-bed PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) filtration technology is the gold standard of nitrogen generation. It ensures a reliable source of clean, dry, particulate-free nitrogen supply on demand.Experts know that […]

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