Mission-Critical Nitrogen™ BeerBlast Mixed Gas Dispense System

Our BeerBlast system generates beverage grade nitrogen safely and efficiently from the air. South-Tek Systems’ Mixed Gas Dispense System redefines Nitrogen generation technology for draft beer applications. Engineered for greater longevity and higher output, the BeerBlast provides the exact blend of carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2), protecting the kegged product quality – ultimately increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

How does the BeerBlast function?

The BeerBlast internal gas blender mixes the Nitrogen with CO2 for precise CO2/Nitrogen blends
of 70/30 or 60/40, and 25/75 or any other ratio desired. When it comes to reliability,
BeerBlast’s dual-bed PSA technology is first-in-class, ensuring that you will never run
out of nitrogen when it matters most.

Main aspects to consider:

You would never run out of mixed gas again

System delivers 99.8% + beverage grade nitrogen

Waste reduction by eliminating over- and under-carbonation of beer

Cut out the middleman – no more scheduling and deliveries

Improvement of operating efficiency and employee safety

Simple installation – light weight tank, wall and floor mount options

Dual-bed, PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology

Equipped with the patented BlastOff™ – Gas Leak Detection System

Behind the Perfectly Poured Beer is a BeerBlast

Blending the correct ratio of N2 and CO2 is an integral step in consistently providing quality product to the customer. This precise mixture of beer-gas eliminates over foaming or under carbonation. “The Perfect Pour” is dependent on 3 specific components:

CO2 / N2 Blend

A precise blend of CO2 / N2 is required to maintain the proper volume of CO2 within the beer.


From the keg to the faucet, draft beer should be maintained between 34–38 degrees.


Pressure can fluctuate between 12–24+ PSI (0.83-1.65 + bar) depending upon the length the beer must travel to the faucet. (Goal = 7 second pour)

BeerBlast Cycle

BeerBlast ™ BlastOff – Leak Detection System

Provided exclusively with BlastOff – Leak Detection System, BeerBlast is designed to detect beer gas leaks before they become catastrophic. This nitrogen generator technology helps reduce service call expenses, gas run-outs, and protects the asset from unnecessary (excessive) operating hours.

Minimize Beer Waste, Maximize Profit

Over- and under-carbonation can affect the quality and taste of beer. In addition, they both lead to a loss in revenue and customer satisfaction. The BeerBlast System helps establishments provide the highest quality beer, while minimizing waste and recuperating revenue loss.

Over-carbonation can occur when pushing beer with either 100% CO2 or an incorrect mixed gas ratio. This can result in a “foamy pour” which will either leave the customer unsatisfied with their pint or the bartender will continue to pour the foam out and refill the glass until the desired level of foam is reached. Even worse, the wrong

blend can actually ruin the contents in the keg. Up to 20% of the beer that should be sold to customers will turn to foam and remain in the keg when it heads back to the wholesaler!

On the other hand, under-carbonation results in over-pouring and flat, foul tasting beer. Instead of a nice foam head to preserve the flavors of the beer, the customer will be met with no foam on the top. This may seem ideal, but the flavor profile of the beer will be completely different than the brewer intended. Also, the establishment will be over pouring each pint by about ~20% more beer leading to much smaller profit margins.

South-Tek’s mission-critical nitrogenTM BeerBlast system eliminates over- and under- carbonation to ensure you pour as many salable pints as possible from each keg. Here is a conservative example of profit loss for a mid-sized restaurant/pub:

Product Loss
Beer waste per month
Kegs consumed per month
Average cost per keg
Beer loss per keg
Revenue Loss
Revenue loss per month
Kegs consumed per month
Pints per keg
Sell price per pint
Beer loss per keg

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BeerBlast Beverage Grade Nitrogen Generators





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* 5.2 SCFH Nitrogen production
* Max pints/min: 24
* Wall or tank mount options
* BlastOff Leak Detection System
* Available with or without Blender
* Only available in US





* 14 SCFH Nitrogen production
* Max pints/min: 40
* Wall or tank mount options
* BlastOff Leak Detection System
* Available with or without Blender





* 24 SCFH Nitrogen production
* Max pints/min: 50
* Floor Mounted
* BlastOff Leak Detection System
* Available with or without Blender


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